What Silhouette are you?


Voluminous skirts, extravagant trains and layer upon layers of tulle are our favourite parts of the beautiful ball gown silhouette! This magical shape gives every bride the feeling of being a princess on their big day. Princess gowns often have a fitted bust and waist that then falls into a striking full skirt. This silhouette is super flattering on all brides; however petite brides keep in mind that sometimes bigger gowns can become overwhelming on the body!

A couple of our favourite princess gowns are the beautiful Valentina, our gorgeous Thalia and the breathtaking Novella.


A very popular style, A-line gowns get their name from the resemblance to a capital A. Gowns are fitted through the bust and past the waist, most then fall and subsequently flow to the ground. Brides choosing this style really get the best of both worlds: being able to have that childhood dream of wearing a princess dress whilst still showing off your gorgeous curves!

A-line’s that are sure to turns heads include the whimsical Austen and new arrival Harriet (pictured)


Very similar in shape and silhouette, trumpet gowns are fitted and then flair in the mid-thigh area whereas mermaid gowns are fitted that tiny bit further down. Both make for an ultra-feminine hourglass shape that will be sure to leave your finance speechless!

To show off that gorgeous figure of yours be sure to try on Bellini, Cassidy and Portia!


Simplistic yet sexy, sheath shaped gowns offers effortlessness whilst still showing off your gorgeous figure. Sheath gowns flow straight from the neckline to the hem, very much like our Azalea and Maureen gowns. This silhouette is flattering on a range of brides from petite to those who can to show off their curves!

Tea Length:

Wanting something totally different in style? Why not try on a few tea length gowns, these 50’s inspired gowns give you the freedom to both easily boogie the night away as well as showing of some really funky shoes! Tea length gowns sit just below the knee which gives an ultra-girly look to your big day! Come on in and try on our Autumn gown to see what all the fuss is about!

Why not try our quiz and see what silhouette you are? Try our online quiz.https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/438434/what-s-your-perfect-wedding-gown-silhouette

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