Hens Party’s With a Difference.

Are you wanting to throw a hens night in Perth that doesn’t involve the usual nights out on the town and VERY suggestive party straws and other decor? Well look no further, again Raffinato Bridal coming at you with some inspo to really make your hens night something to remember!

So raise your hands if you love a good flower crown? Yep, I see you all! How about going for a hen’s day/night that’s a little more relaxed and creative? Look no further than Sweet Floral, this beautiful wedding bouquet company also came up with the funky idea of DIY flower crown classes. A hen’s night that is a little more chilled out will give your best friend from high school and your future sister-in-law something to chat about rather than the weather, plus it’s a great way to let your imagination run free. The gals at Sweet Floral do all the hard work for you so all you have to do is pick the pretty flowers and sit there sipping champagne! Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday is it? The girls can help you along the way and the finished product gives you bridal party and friends a fantastic memento to remember this joyous time in your life!

Photo Credit: Sweet Floral Flower Crown Parties

We were researching fab ideas for hen’s parties and came across Glamping, not going to lie we were a little confused at first and wondering what this magical word meant? After doing our research, I’ve decided I’m selling all my belongings and moving into one of these beautiful little tents!

Glamping is basically glamorous camping (10/10 word play as well), individual or group tents are set up and are decked out to the nines. Low-rise beds, champagne on ice and beautiful fairy lights are the perfect way to spend a night in with all your favourite girls and just chill out. We found this super amazing company called Nomadika Glamping that will basically set everything up for you and your girls anywhere you want, so all you have to do is show up and the party begins! You can sing, dance, drink and party the night away all without having to put make-up or wear proper pants (which is a win in my book!). Brides can use this time to just take a step back from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and just enjoy the moon and the stars.

Photo Credit: Kmart

In summer there is nothing better to do on the weekend than a day trip get together with your friends and go on a wine tour, so why not make that your hen’s night? Spend the entire day out on an epic party bus visiting The Ugly Duckling, Elmars in the Valley and Swanbrook Winery. Day drink until your heart’s content and then wind down and pamper yourself by booking a spa afternoon or spend a night at the beautiful Brookleigh Estate. Just remember to be safe and keep hydrated! We all know what happens when you day drink.

Photo Credit:

  • The Ugly Duckling
  • Elmars in the Valley
  • Swanbrook Winery
  • Brookleigh Estate.

Ever wanted to dance like Beyoncé (if you say no you’re lying)? F is for Dance is a studio that has created a hen’s party dance class, specially planned to make you feel like a Queen. You get a trained dance instructor, one hour, a dance studio (or they come to you), an amazing workout and a fun, sexy routine. Let’s not forget the Beyoncé face masks that you can be sure will make great props for hilarious and fantastic photo ops!

If you’re the type of bride to steer away from the norm or simply want a more relaxed hen’s party then these suggestions are for you!

It is typically up to the bridesmaids to plan the hen’s night, however brides; sliding these ideas into conversation is always worth a shot! Besides, your Maid of Honour shouldn’t be too shocked if you give her direct ideas, she is your best friend after all!

If you want more info on any of these brilliant activities, give our friendly consultants a call on (08) 9444 5527 or shoot us an email at sales@raffinatobridal.com.au and we can give you some more info!

Ok, you can have ONE suggestive straw; it is a hen’s night after all ?

The Raffinato Gals xx

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