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offers you the opportunity to truly enjoy your wedding experience by taking out a lot of the frustration, time and legwork you sometimes have to endure when planning a Wedding. At Raffina To Bridal, we believe that it shouldn't just be the actual wedding day that you're anticipating. We want you to savour every moment of the planning process from the moment you said "yes" to the moment you return from your honeymoon, ready to start life together as a married couple.

will coordinate any part of your wedding from beginning to end or anything in between. For a free moment hunters, no obligation consultation, give Raffina To Bridal a call. During this consultation, your needs will be determined and followed up with an estimate of the cost involved for the assistance you are looking for. You may only need help with table seating or guest accommodation or, you might need us to do the lot. Whichever way you go, you will remain in control with the details and the cost.

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